Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Babies' Emotions: A Review

This week we're sharing some classic posts on babies and their emotions.

Where do babies learn about emotions? What role do you play in the development of your baby's emotions? We've covered these topics in the following posts:

Babies Emotional Development: The Power of Synchrony

Babies Emotional Development: Social Referencing Part 1

Babies Emotional Development: Social References Part 2

We've also shared several posts on how parents influence their babies' view of the world. Your baby is learning about emotions and how and when to display them from watching you! Remember that next time you drop something on your toe:

The Two-Way Mirror: How Parents Influence Babies' World View

Polishing the Mirror: Simple Ways to Reflect the Best of Yourself to Your Baby

For those of you with older babies and toddlers, we also wrote a series of posts to help you understand and cope with tantrums:

Let's Talk about Tantrums: The Basics

Let's Talk about Tantrums: Common Triggers

Let's Talk about Tantrums: Preventing and Coping with Tantrums

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