Friday, November 19, 2010

A New Addition and a New Series

The Human Lactation Center is growing! I am just a few weeks away from having my second baby, another little girl, which, for those of you who are counting, will make 4 Human Lactation Center children under 4 years old and 2 over the age of 20 (5 girls, 1 boy). Because we started this blog just last year, writing about our personal experiences with our newborns has been reflective. Here are some examples: Jen G has written about her experience as a Sleep Deprived Mom and provided Tips for Surviving Sleep Deprivation, and about her Not-so-perfect start to breastfeeding and Breastfeeding after a C-Section. Jane has described what it was like Bringing Home Baby #2 and to be a New Mom with No Mom and I have shared my experience with Premature Labor and Life with a Hospitalized Infant. Although all of these posts provided personal information about our experiences, they were all written long after our children were born.

Since this is the first baby to be born since we started this blog, we thought we’d try something new. I am going to write about my newborn baby's behavior as it happens. Here's how we imagine it working. After my daughter is born, I will take notes about her behavior (sleeping, crying, cues, etc) and how my husband and I interact with her. Because our experience with our first child was unusual (she was born 15 weeks early and was hospitalized for nearly 3 months; see links above) this will be our first experience bringing our newborn home from the hospital. So, when I can spare a minute or two, I'll share my experiences and observations with you. Notice I am using the words "imagine" and "the plan" - because we haven't done anything like this before and it might not turn out exactly like we think it will. It will be an experiment!

We are hoping this series of posts will provide a new viewpoint for our readers and I think it may even spark some ideas for future posts. So, I"m "signing off" for a little while but will look forward to "seeing" you all soon.

Next Time: Another Baby Quiz!


  1. AWESOME! I look forward to reading all about it! Blessings to you & your family as you become a family of FOUR! :)

  2. All the best for your delivery.

  3. Very best wishes to all of you for a safe delivery and happy homecoming!

  4. Thank you all so much! I'll keep you posted!