Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November Baby Quiz

We are living in exciting times for those interested in knowing more about how babies' brains work. Scientists are using the latest brain imaging technologies to help us understand the reasons why babies behave the way they do. In today's quiz, we're focusing on findings from brain-specific research. We invite you to share your guesses by posting a comment!

1. How much larger do babies' brains grow between birth and adulthood?

         a) Two times larger than at birth

         b) Three times larger than at birth

        c) Four times larger than at birth

2. Approximately, how many neurons (nerve cells) are babies born with?

       a) 100 million neurons (nerve cells)

      b) 100 billion neurons (nerve cells)

     c) 100 trillion neurons (nerve cells)

3. When do the areas of the brain that are most active in language development grow fastest?

     a) Between birth and 18 months

    b) Between 6 months and 24 months

   c) Between 12 months and 36 months

4. True or False?  The part of the brain that is used for planning and self-control is well developed by the time a baby is 12 months old.

5. What is the function of “mirror neurons?”


  1. 1. a - 2x larger : I'm guessing most of the changes are structural, based on the fact that among species humans are already born with inordinantly big heads.

    2. b - 100 billion : I really have no clue, but this sounds right?

    3. b - 6 and 24 months : I guess I think earliest physiological energy goes into making babies not so soft/vulnerable, then at the next stage there's lots of language and brain development.

    I bet my Mom, Karen, would know more about this. Will we get to hear the answers? ;-)

  2. Oh yes! We'll post the answers on Friday.

  3. I am absolutely clueless and can't wait for the answers!!!!!!