Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Reader Poll: Results so far...

Last week, we posted a poll to find out more about who visits this site. We've had 57 people answer the poll so far and here is what we've learned:

  • Most of the readers who responded are moms who have a personal interest in Baby Behavior (this isn't much a surprise, given the purpose of this blog!)
  • The majority of readers who reported visiting because of professional interest have a personal interest as well!
  • Lactation Consultants make up the biggest portion of professional readers, followed by nurses, child care providers, and WIC employees. 
Our stats show us that we've had more than 7000 visitors in the last month! We'd like to welcome our new readers and thank those of you who return week after week to learn about  Baby Behavior. For those of you who haven't answered the poll yet, we'll be accepting answers until August 31st (click here to access the poll). Knowing more about our readers helps us choose topics that we think will be of highest interest and we are always open to suggestions! If you have a topic you'd like covered or a question you'd like us to answer, send us a comment!

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