Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Questions for our Readers: Rolling Over

Back in April, we started a new series where we ask our readers to share their experiences watching their babies achieve various milestones. In the first post, we asked for stories about one of the first (and, in my opinion, most exciting) major milestones, smiling!

For the second installment of our Babies’ Firsts series, we want to know about rolling over! Specifically, we’d like to know:

  1. How old was your baby when he or she rolled over for the first time?
  2. Did your baby roll from back-to-tummy or tummy-to-back first and how long did it take before he or she could roll both ways?
  3. What kind of adjustments or modifications did you have to make in your baby's environment to accommodate his or her new skill?
So, if you’d like to share what it was like when your baby started rolling over, please send us a comment! Keep in mind that all babies are different. We are not trying to encourage competition about whose baby rolled over earliest; we simply want to provide an opportunity for parents to share their experiences with each other. Next time, we’ll describe what the research shows about how and when babies start rolling over and share tips to help parents make sure that their newly mobile little one stays safe.


  1. My son rolled over at 2 months however he only did it a handful of times after that. He just refused at some point. The first time he rolled over it was tummy to back. We didn't need to alter anything around the house cause he just didn't care enough to do it anymore.

  2. Audrey, my oldest, rolled over at 4 weeks. I swear she did. Did it once/day for about a month. Then didn't do it again until 4 months. She rolled tummy to back. About a week later got back to tummy.

    My younger daughter rolled over around 5 months, tummy to back. Don't know when she figured out back to tummy. We actually missed most of her rolling over in the early days. We went about 6 weeks where she could roll over but refused, because she just didn't want to exert herself, so she'd scream until we picked her up.

    We didn't make any changes, except make sure the floor was clean.

    The house still isn't technically "babyproofed." We have the chemicals locked up, but we're of the mindset to train early to leave stuff alone and they'll understand better. She has never had a drumset fall on her and only smashed her fingers in the door once. She never goes outside without permission.

    My daughters are 25 months and 7 months.

  3. My daughter was able to get off her tummy occasionally as early as two months, but mostly just cried/complained until we picked her up. The first time I saw her on her tummy (when previously on her back), she was nearly six months old. I couldn't get her to repeat it so I could actually see the roll! I wore her a lot, so she didn't get much floor time. She could sit unsupported before five months and much preferred that to laying (if not being worn). Consequently, the rolling came later, as did crawling. You'd never know now, though!

    No adjustments really. By the time she was rolling, she was already scooting on her bottom somewhat, so I was already wary of leaving her on a high surface.