Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Series! Baby Behavior around the World

We are excited to introduce a new series about caregiving of infants and infant behavior around the world. Throughout our blog, we have shared infant caregiving and parenting practices of infants in the United States, but how are these practices different (or similar) in other countries? And while infant behavior is biologically driven, and thus the same across all cultures, how do caregivers in other countries deal with and respond to their infants' behavior?

Starting this week we will share a new “around the world” topic every Friday, and with readership extending from the United States to Australia, India and 7 other countries, we want to hear from you too! Each week we will give you an opportunity to share your experience and insights about parenting and caring for infants in your local environment.

Here are just a few of the around the world topics we will take a look at over the coming weeks:

• Caregiving practices
• Feeding practices
• Infant sleep environments and patterns
• Cultural beliefs about infant crying
• Maternity/paternity leave laws
• Baby's first words/language patterns

This Friday: Who is the primary caregiver of infants in different cultures?

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