Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Questions for You, Our Readers

Just for fun, we thought we would ask you a few questions. We know how busy you are, so we've made it short and simple. You can answer by posting a comment.

Question 1. What is the funniest thing your baby is doing these days?

Question 2. When you have questions or concerns about your baby, which person in your life are you most likely to turn to?

Question 3. How many minutes/hours per day do you think you spend in direct baby care (feeding, diapering, bathing, etc.)


  1. My "baby" is 14 months now, but:
    1. He does a "flop" off furniture that is HILARIOUS! He's a tough guy, so will do it even if there aren't cushions/pillows in his landing zone, so the couch cushions and all other pillows these days pretty much live on the floor in front of the ottoman, his favorite launch spot. He looks like an olympic diver when he does it, then belly flops onto the pillows.
    2. I am pretty self-sufficient. I rely most on my own intuition. Advice from friends or a few family members comes in handy at times, but generallly it's me.
    3. My guess is at least 150 minutes, or 2 1/2 hours. That is 30 minutes each for 3 meals, 30 minutes for nighttime bath, and another 30 (probably a huge under-guess...) for diaper changes. There's another 30 minutes probably for putting him down for his 2 naps. And easily another 2 hours per day is spent breastfeeding...whew! Adding up! :)

  2. My "baby" is 19 months, but I still read!

    1) She runs with what we call "crazy arms"--they're flailing everywhere and we have no idea where she came up with it! She'll say "fast" and go running to the kitchen, arms flailing, and then come back and say "crazy".

    2) Usually friends that have been there (I have certain friends I asked nursing questions to, certain friends I asked sleep questions to, etc.)

    3) On a weekday, probably 90 minutes or less--about 60 minutes nursing and 30 minutes doing dinner and diapering, etc. My husband does bathtime and bedtime :) Weekends it's probably closer to 2 1/2 hours or so because of additional meals and more diapers.

  3. 1. The toddler keeps announcing her farts. That's pretty funny. the infant is too young to really do funny things, but she always has this very confused look on her face.

    2. the internet or my husband. I ask a lot of advice on facebook because I truly trust the moms I'm friends with an dmost of them have BTDT. And my pregnancy forum is great for advice.

    3. right now - probably 16 hours. All except my sleeping hours are in direct contact with one or both of my baby girls. In just over a week, however, that will dwindle to just a few when I go back to work. :(

  4. 1) My 6 month old loves to try to pull the cats tail. He never catches the cat but he laughs really hard when the cat's tail comes near him. I think the cat thinks it is funny too. 2) My mom had 7 kids. She helps me all th e time.
    3) Seems like a lot less these days. I guess 4 or 5 hours.

  5. My son is 14 months.

    1. We enjoy watching him twirl/spin; his latest milestone.

    2. I turn to my husband, my mother, or sisters-in-law; it depends on the issue.

    3. My son naps twice a day (3 hours) and sleeps through the night (12 hours), so on average, my direct interaction with him is 9 hours per day. Actually it is 7 hours because my husband has "alone time" with him in the morning and in the evening. Wow, that is really short!


  6. My daughter is 3 1/2 months old.

    1. The funniest thing she's doing right now is eagerly and frantically putting toys in her mouth.

    2. I turn to my mom, who raised 4 great kids, for advice on a daily basis. We talk online everyday and visit once a week or so.

    3. Wow, it's a lot- between nursing, diapering, bathing every other day... it's probably around 4 hours. It's the nursing that sends it up there.

  7. 1. When he's looking at something that he really likes he moves his lips like he's talking but he can't talk yet.
    2. My husband and I figure things out. We use the internet a lot and my sister is a nurse.
    3. I would guess about 4 hours, maybe 5 but we split that.
    He's 9 weeks old, almost 10.

  8. My "baby" is now 18 months old!

    1. She is obsessed with belly buttons. Hers, mine, anyones! She will pull up her shirt and say her word for Button! Over and over and over again. She is in love.

    2. My sister, my best friend and my pediatrician. Also the Dr. Sears website - the Sears advice seems to fit my natural style of parenting.

    3. On days I am home with her, it is probably close to 8 hours. On days where I work, probably between 3 and 4 hours.

  9. My baby is 16 months old now...

    1) she is trying to figure out how to hold three balls at once. Her perplexed look as she keeps putting one ball down to pick up another is priceless.

    2) usually my mom is my first resource, and then some of my pumping buddies

    3) On days I'm at home, 4-6 hours. On days I work, about 3 hours.