Monday, February 8, 2010

Reader Question: Decreased Milk Supply

We have been getting great comments and questions from our readers! One recent question we received was about decreasing milk supply around 6 months postpartum. The mother is concerned that her milk supply is decreasing because her breasts don't feel as full as they used to and her baby seems to be hungry all the time. She is looking for answers about why this could be happening and what she can do so that she can continue breastfeeding.

First, we understand that breastfeeding your baby takes work and congratulate you for making it this far. Unfortunately, without seeing you in person it is not possible for us to give you any answers about what you experiencing. If you are having breastfeeding problems, we suggest that you schedule an appointment with your doctor or a Lactation Consultant, who will be able to address your specific situation. To find an IBCLC in your area, visit and click on "Find a Lactation Consultant" on the right hand side of the page.


  1. It's normal for supply to continue to regulate throughout baby's first year. Fullness of the breast is not an indicator of supply. This shouldn't be a concern for a mom who is nursing on cue. Pay attention to wet/dirty diapers and baby's weight gain.

  2. Thanks lizzyd for some really good insights. However, we do want to emphasize that anytime a mom has a concern about breastfeeding, she should talk to or see a professional who can give her advice that is specific to her situation. Sometimes the babies can fool us, so it always best to make sure that nothing is happening that could lead to a bigger problem.