Thursday, November 19, 2009

Coming Soon: A New Series about Parent - Baby Relationships

From the beginning of "Secrets of Baby Behavior," we've focused on helping parents gain a better understanding of their babies' sometimes mysterious needs and behavior. We've done our best to create a vivid and realistic picture of what it is like to care for babies from birth to 12 months of age. While we have a lot more "secrets" to share about babies, we realize now that we are long overdue in talking about how parents fit in! Over the next few weeks, we'll focus our posts on the amazing interactions among biology, personality, instincts, and love that create and nurture the unique relationships that develop between parents and their infant children.

Here's a sneak peak at just some of the upcoming topics:
  • The Insanity of Parenting: Have You Seen the Job Description?
  • Babies with Personality! How Temperament Influences Babies' Relationships
  • It Takes Two Baby: How Babies and Parents Learn About Each Other
  • The Two-way Mirror: How Parents' Influence Babies' World View
  • Barriers to Building Relationships with Babies: Marketing and the Perfect Parent
  • New Babies, Growing Families and Fitting In

We hope that you'll enjoy our new series and that you'll share your views and comments with us.

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  1. We have 4 children, all of who were breastfed. I always found the night feedings the most difficult, like most of you, I am one who needs lots of sleep. By the time we'd had our third baby, I'd discovered something very helpful. First, I'd do my best to get a nap during the day, once or twice, even for 15 min, so that the night "shifts" wouldn't be so hard on me. Second, as soon as my baby would begin to fuss or cry, I would soothingly call out to him that momma was on her way and continue talking to him, as I got myself up and used the bathroom before I went to the nursery. Within days, he'd learned to stay calm until I got there as my voice meant that his needs would soon be met...whether that was time to cuddle, a diaper change, or a breastfeeding. Perhaps this will be helpful to some other loving mommas!!!