Thursday, August 19, 2010

Let's Take a Tour!

We added a lot of new readers in the last few weeks and thought it was time, again, to orient people to our blog. As you know, we started this blog to demystify infant behavior for parents, family members, professionals, and students. We've relied on the recent explosion in scientific research on infants and young children to cut through the hype and report on the latest findings for our busy readers. If you are new to our blog, you might want to read the first 4 posts that cover the basics of baby behavior. You also can search on specific topics by finding the appropriate keyword on the left side of the page. For this tour, we thought it might be nice to refer our readers back to posts that might interest them based on the age of their babies.

For expectant and new parents, you might want to read more about newborn development, sleep habits, and how some newborn behaviors can be misleading. We also have some posts about getting started with breastfeeding, dealing with sleep deprivation, and the importance of building a support system for those exhausting first few weeks.

For caregivers and friends of young babies (from 6 weeks to 7 months), you should check out our posts on infant development from 6 to 8 weeks, 4 to 5 months, and 6 to 7 months. We've also shared posts on infant temperament, the power of repetition and routines in babies' lives, and starting solid foods.

For caregivers and friends of older infants (up to 1 year), we have blogs and series of blogs on development from 8 to 10 months and 11 to 12 months, teething, infant sleep training systems (that was the series that got you all worked up!), changes in infant sleep patterns over the entire first year, stranger anxiety, and language development.

More recently, we've written on topics on older infants and toddlers, including their development from 12 to 15 months, 16 to 18 months, and into the second year, and tantrums.

For caregivers of children of all ages, we've talked about traveling with your baby, visiting the doctor, naps, keeping "brave" babies safe, infant-family relationships, and making the most out of baby-gifts.

After 130 posts, we can't list them all here. These links include only a sampling of what we've already covered. We look forward to sharing more about baby behavior with all of our readers. We'd love to hear from you. Let us know about new topics you'd like us to cover in future posts.

Next time: A "Guest" Blog Post About Another Interesting Study!

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