Friday, October 18, 2013

What You Wish You Had Known After Your Baby was Born

Last time, we asked a question about things you wish you had known right after your baby was born. Thank you for your responses! Today we will share a few of the responses and some helpful posts to go with each. Please share these tips with families you know that have new babies!

I Wish I Had a Plan for Breastfeeding Help

Many parents wished they had been more prepared for what breastfeeding would be like and had a plan in place to get help if needed.

Breastfeeding comes naturally, right? One story of a not-so-perfect start to breastfeeding


I Wish I Knew How Babies Really Sleep

Other parents felt like they needed more information about normal infant sleep and what to expect about sleep patterns in the first few months.


I Wish I Asked for More Help

From my own personal experience, I wish I had asked for more help, especially during the newborn period. I thought I should be able to do it all myself and I ended up sleep-deprived to the point of being not functional! Here are a few posts to help you ask for help!

Getting the Help You Need Part 3. Dealing with Help that You are Better Off Without

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