Friday, July 30, 2010

Baby Quiz! - July 2010

It's time for another baby quiz! Answer the following questions either on your own or in our comments section. We'll post the answers next week.

1. At what age do babies usually begin pretend/imaginary play?

2. True or False: Recent research shows that babies and young children can not differentiate between reality and fantasy?

3. True or False: Outgoing children are more likely to have imaginary friends than children who are shy?

4. How should babies be put down to sleep?
a. on their tummies
b. on their backs
c. however they are most comfortable

5. True or False: Eye color does not change after birth


  1. I know that I should put my baby to sleep on his back, but I am worried that if he spits up he will choke. Do you have any suggestions for preventing choking during sleep?

  2. 4. back to sleep
    but our son now rolls to his tummy during the night.
    5. false