Friday, September 27, 2013

Our Top 5 "Sleep" Blogs!

Infant sleep is by far the most popular topic on our blog. So, we decided to find out which sleep posts were the most popular (highest number of page views). Here is what we found:

#5: The Science of Infant Sleep Part II: Big Changes in Sleep Patterns (6 to 16 weeks)
In this post we talk about the big changes in sleep patterns that occur between 6 and 16 weeks of age. Babies’ sleep starts to get more predictable and parents may be giving a sigh of relief that the 1st 6-weeks are over! The biggest change is that babies start falling into deep sleep instead of light sleep around 4-months of age. They also start sleeping for longer periods.

One of the behaviors that can mislead parents is that some babies wake up every time you try to put them down for a nap after a feeding. This post explains why that happens.
In this post, we explore the topic of sleep training and explain why we don’t agree with the concept. We encourage parents to understand normal infant sleep patterns and talk about why babies need to wake up at night for their own health and safety.

Here we introduce how babies sleep during the 1st 6-weeks and the 2 types of sleep. We talk about dreaming and brain development and how to help newborns sleep a little better.
And the top infant sleep post…with almost 3 times the number of page views than the second place post is…

#1: Why Do Some Babies Hate Being Drowsy?

Our most popular post addresses the baby who gets very fussy and upset every time he or she is drowsy. You may know one of these babies! We explain why this happens and provide tips for dealing with a baby who hates being drowsy.

What is your favorite post? What post has been the most helpful to you?

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