Friday, October 7, 2011

Our Growing Family

As most of you know, the "Secrets of Baby Behavior" is written by the staff of the UC Davis Human Lactation Center. We started this blog over 2 years ago because our research had taught us that many parents were missing important information that scientists had learned about babies' behavior. We hoped that creating a commercial-free research-based blog (written by moms) would provide an objective resource for parents amidst all of the conflicting messages floating in cyberspace. We're so glad that so many thousands of readers have joined us along the way.

Of course, we have continued our research and trainings. We've been working hard to support medical and public health professionals who want to share baby behavior messages with patients and clients. Recently, we realized that professionals could benefit from a blog targeted specifically for them. So, next Monday (October 10), we'll be launching a new blog called "Baby Behaviorist" at We'll still be posting here on the Secrets blog and this blog will stay focused on parents' interests and questions. But, we know that some of our Secrets readers are professionals - doctors, nurses, dietitians, lactation consultants, and public health staff. We encourage those readers (and interested parents too) to check out "Baby Behaviorist" next week!

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