Saturday, May 15, 2010

Coming Soon! New Series on Baby (and Parents') Behavior

As we get closer to our first anniversary, we've been making plans for some new series we'd like to share with our loyal readers. In our recent poll, we were reminded that most of our readers are parents of babies less than 2 years old. We also learned that many of you are parents of babies older than 6 months. We hope to add more content that will directly address your questions and concerns. For those of you with younger babies (and those of you still waiting for your babies), don't worry, we'll continue to share the latest research and answer your questions. Also, you can go back and review "the basics" by returning to our past posts. We recommend that newcomers read the first few posts from June of 2009 and then pick topics that interest you from the list on the left.

Here's just a few of the series and posts that we have planned as we enter our second year:

1. The Good and the Bad about Baby Slings

2. The Emotional Baby: How and When do Babies Develop Emotionally?

3. The Parenting Experience: How Parents See Themselves and Each Other

4. Moving Toward Toddlerhood: Infant Development in the Second Year

5. The Working Parent: Realities and Rewards

6. Helping Others Understand Your Baby's Behavior

7. Babies' Adventures Outside

8. Caring for The Fearful Child

and more..... Don't see your topics? Let us know what you want to read about.

Next Time: A new baby quiz!

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