Friday, December 6, 2013

Baby Language Quiz - Answers!

Here are the answer's to this week's quiz:

Typically, how old are babies/toddlers when they:
1. Consistently respond to their own names?

Around 6 months. At the same age, babies will look longer at people who are named, showing that they have linked names with people like "mommy," "daddy," and other close relatives.

2. Start to use a few words consistently with meaning (not just understanding but saying the words themselves with obvious meaning)?

Around 12 months. You'll notice that your baby understands words much earlier than he says them. He will first understand then use new words (often mispronounced) at an amazing rate as his first birthday passes. Remember to pay attention to what words your baby hears from you or any other source. Babies are sponges, soaking everything up including words you wouldn't want shouted out at a family gathering.

3. Use cooing and other noises specifically to attract your attention?

As early as 3 months, your baby will be using sounds that she knows will attract your attention. Remember, your baby loves looking at your whole face and listening to your voice. She is trying to learn as much as she can from you. If you respond to her softer sounds, she'll have less reason to resort to shrieking.

4. Start to combine words into short noun-verb sentences?

Around 20 to 24 months, your baby will start to use sentences and combinations of words. Even though your baby might still shorten or mispronounce words, you'll notice that he seems to follow basic grammar  rules in that he is using words in a specific order, like "I go."

5. First recognize friendly or angry tones in others' voices.

Around 6 months, your baby will respond more positively to friendly voices and negatively to angry ones. She's been watching and learning from you and has learned to prefer nicer tones of voice. Keep in mind that your baby might become upset if she is nearby when people are arguing even if she doesn't understand what is being said.

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