Friday, March 1, 2013

Babies' Firsts: Standing

It's been quite a while since we've done a Babies' Firsts post (click here to see previous posts in this series). In these 2-part posts, we start by asking or readers to share their experiences watching their babies achieve various milestones. Then, 1 to 2 weeks later, we share what the research shows about the milestone and explain how it may effect a baby's behavior.

Today, we want to hear how your baby learned to stand! To share your experience with us, post a comment with your answers to the following questions:
  • How old was your baby when he or she first tried to pull up to stand?
  • What did you baby use to pull up on (for example, furniture, toys, etc)
  • How long did it take for him or her to stand alone, without holding onto something?
We look forward to seeing your comments and will be back next week with the follow-up post!


  1. My oldest pulled up to a standing the day she learned to scoot on the floor. She was 7 months. She stood by herself the first time the day before her first birthday. She was walking and taking steps about 2 weeks later.

    Cruising on furniture was somewhere in there. Probably started around 8 months.

  2. 1. She did it for the first time at 8.5 months.
    2. She used a large cardboard diaper box.
    3. We are still working on this! She will be 11 months old in a week. We can stand her up and let go and she will stand for approximately 5 seconds by herself before putting herself down.

  3. My little one starting pulling (pushing really, as it was all leg power) herself to standing while holding onto my fingers when she was about 4 months old. She was pulling herself up on our legs and on furniture when she was 6.5 months old. She was able to stand freely for 30 seconds or so by about 8.5 months (2 months later) and was truly walking by her 10 month birthday.

  4. My son will be 7 mths on January 24, 2015 and he is pulling up on things, touching his toes while trying to stand, and rolling over from side to side. I was a little worried before, but now i know children will move when they are ready.