Monday, April 2, 2012

Reader question part 2: Do babies’ personalities influence their adult personalities?

Last week we answered part of a reader’s question about how baby sleep patterns are related to how they sleep as adults. Today we’ll answer the 2nd part of her question about whether or not infant personalities carry over into adulthood.

Reader Question: I would love to learn more about how emerging personalities in infancy correlate with later more established adult personalities.

Infants are born with a set of personality traits that form their temperament. Some of these traits remain as babies get older while others change over time. A while back, we posted a 2-part series on infant personalities and shared information about the different temperaments of babies. In part 1, we talk about some of the elements of temperament and how they translate into your child’s unique personality traits. You can look at your baby’s temperament for clues about the child he or she will become!

In part 2 of this post we talk about how a baby’s temperament influences his or her relationships and how to best work with your baby’s personality to make life run as smoothly as possible. Tips for introducing shy babies to new places or people are included.

In another post, we share some specifics about babies with brave personalities that turn into adventurous children. Read the following post: Reader Question: Dealing with “Brave” Babies.

I can attest that many of the early personality traits of my daughter have continued on as she is now about to turn 5 years old. As a baby, she felt emotions very intensely and still does to this day. She was a highly active baby and now is a little girl that is on the go nonstop. Much of her temperament from infancy I can see in her as she becomes a “big” girl. We’ll have to stay tuned to see if these traits follow her into adulthood, but I have a feeling they will!

We hope this has been helpful! Tell us about the different temperaments and personalities of your children! We would love to hear your stories!

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  1. I also believe babies have personality traits they keep as they age, and parents would certainly be the ones to recognize it. Not everyone agrees. Topics I had on this conversation at university tended to get sucked into the nature-vs.-nurture black hole.