Friday, March 9, 2012

While we are away...

We are traveling again, so we thought this would a good opportunity to ask for your help.

Do you have topics you'd like us to cover or questions you'd like us to answer? Send us a comment or an email and we can add you topic to our list for future posts!


  1. i would love to learn more about how emerging personalities in infancy correlate with later more established adult personalities. one example i know of is that baby sleep patterns (if they are morning larks or night owls) correlate with how they sleep as adults.

  2. How about sleep with older babies? We have an 11 month old, we've never sleep trained, she's never been a great sleeper (we cosleep). I'd like to move towards independent sleep after she turns a year but I have no idea how to implement... I feel like some of the reasons I shied away from sleeping when she was an infant aren't such a concern with a young toddler..?
    So what are your thoughts on sleep training for an older babies young infants?