Friday, April 8, 2011

Questions for Our Readers: Your Baby's Firsts

We know that we have some long time readers whose babies are well into their 2nd year as well as newer readers with newborns and others who are still waiting for their babies. Every few weeks, we thought we'd ask our "old timers" to share some of their babies' firsts with our "newbies."  To start us off, here are our questions; you can respond by posting a comment.

1. How old was your baby when he or she smiled at you or someone else for the very first time? What do you remember about why your was baby smiling?
2. How old was your baby when he or she first laughed for the very first time? What was your baby laughing about that very first time?  

We look forward to your answers!


  1. Charlotte started smiling right at 6 weeks. Her smile is a huge open-mouthed smile that makes everyone laugh!

    She is 4 months now and her laugh is still hard to get. We can usually coax a grunty chuckle-type laugh out of her by tickling her chest, but most of the time she just looks like the laugh is inside waiting to come out. I can't wait until the giggling begins!

  2. My son's first smile was almost at 1 mos but my ob told me it was probably gas! He started smiling regularly at 2 mos.

    I recorded his first laugh at almost 2 mos but knowing his "real" laugh now, his actual first laugh was at 6 mos. He started giggling at 4 mos.


  3. Julia's been smiling since birth, but of course no one lets you believe those are "real" smiles. So, the first official one was the day she turned 5 weeks old, when all the books said she finally allowed to have real smiles, as she looked up at me from her bassinet first thing in the morning. She's been doing that ever since and it's a joy. Wipes clean the slate after any rough night.

  4. My daughter smiled first at her 4 week mark.

    First time laughing was maybe around 3,5 months, but she didn't repeat that until well past 4 months and it's still rather tricky to make her laugh. She laughed at me telling her in a very positive high-pitched voice how grumpy she was...