Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Secrets of Baby Behavior Milestone!

The Secrets of Baby Behavior Blog has reached an exciting milestone - the site has had over 140,000 pageviews since it was first started in June of 2009! Although we began with just a few readers, we've grown to more than 6000 unique visitors each month. We hope that we've answered your Baby Behavior questions and we look forward to continuing to provide research-based information for parents around the world. 

If you are new to the blog or if you'd like to share the site with your friends or family, we suggest starting with our first series, Baby Behavior Basics. In this 4 part series, we cover the areas of infant behavior that parents are most interested in; sleeping through the night, baby moods, newborn cues and communication, and infant crying.  If you are pregnant or know someone who is, you may be interested in our most popular post so far, (with almost 3000 pageviews in a single day) that addressed the science behind infant behavior in the first 72 hours of life.

We have some wonderful topics to cover in the coming months, but we still want to hear from you! If you have any questions about infant behavior, please send us a comment. It is truly our pleasure to help new parents because, believe me, we know what it's like!

Next Time: More Baby Behavior in the news!


  1. I have a question: why do toddlers bite? What are some ways to manage this behavior? My son is 14mos. Thank you.

  2. I have a question regarding cosleeping. Why does my 2 month old only seem to sleep long blocks of time when in bed with me? And how do you wean from cosleeping?