Friday, January 7, 2011

Solving Baby Behavior Mysteries

Since the beginning of this blog, we've explained the basics of baby behavior and solved some of our readers' baby behavior "mysteries." Some examples:
As we start a new year, we thought we'd ask you a question - what are your baby behavior mysteries? Is there any behavior you've seen in your baby that seems strange or confusing? Post a comment and let us know. We'll share the "solutions" periodically in future posts!

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  1. My 9 month old often refuses to let my husband put him back in his crib at night. I have to go in and nurse him every time he's up in order for him to go back to bed and sometimes even then he doesn't want to go back in his crib!

  2. My 13 month old just won't get in his high chair at mealtimes. If he's sitting in my lap, he eats his food just fine.

  3. My 18 month old rocks and bangs his head on his crib. He always does this at nap time and sometimes at bed time. He also does it if gets woken up in the middle of the night (especially when he's sick and having trouble sleeping). He'll either sit up and rock backward or will rock back and forth while on his stomach. He seems to have long stretches where he doesn't do it much but then will do it for several days/week. Our doctor says not to worry that he's using it to self-soothe and that he'll outgrow it. But what is going on? How did this become soothing? He's even done it hard enough to leave bruises a couple of times (but will stop if we go in and reposition him...unless he can't get back to sleep).

  4. When I dont feed my baby 4 month old on demand he roll over his eyes and turn away his head. Not even once but many! He has been like that since infant.