Friday, January 8, 2010

January Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to this month's baby quiz!

1. How many babies are born, worldwide, each year? Answer: 130 million (according to the United Nations Population Fund)

2. True of False: The best way to calm a crying baby is to try several different things in a short amount of time. Answer: False. By trying lots of different things to stop the crying, parents can make their babies even more upset. The best way to calm a crying baby is to try the same thing over and over. It may take a few minutes for the crying to stop, but babies are hard-wired to respond to repetition by calming down. More information about using repetition is available in our post Baby Behavior Basics 4: Crying: Your Baby's Super Power.

3. What were the most popular names in 1910? Answer: According to the Social Security Administration, these were the top 5 names 100 years ago (boys, girls):

  1. John, Mary
  2. William, Helen
  3. James, Dorothy
  4. Robert, Margaret
  5. Joseph, Ruth

4. How old was the youngest Olympian ever? Answer: Dimitrios Loundras, from Greece, was only 10 years 216 days old when he competed on the parallel bars in the 1896 Athens Olympics. His team won the silver medal.

5. Why do newborn babies wake up easily right after they fall asleep? Answer: Babies fall asleep dreaming (in "rapid eye movement" or REM sleep) and move slowly to "deeper" forms of sleep, without dreams. When babies are dreaming, they are easier to wake up than when they are in deeper sleep. For more information about Infant Sleep, read our post titled Baby Behavior Basics 1: Three reasons babies don't sleep through the night.

So, how did you do? We'd love to hear how you answered the questions. Also, if you have any questions about Baby Behavior you would like us to answer, send us a comment!

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  1. I had no idea kids that young could be in the Olympics! Thank you for all the great posts that you do. My first baby is just 3 months old and I have really enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you!

  2. We are so glad that you enjoy reading our blog! Please feel free to send us questions as your baby gets older.

    The age requirements differ by sport. For example, the current minimum age for female gymnasts is 16 years.

  3. What are the top 5 names now?

  4. Here are the most popular names for 2008 (that is the most recent list available from the Social Security Administration):

    1. Jacob, Emma
    2. Michael, Isabella
    3. Ethan, Emily
    4. Joshua, Madison
    5. Daniel, Ava.

    You can check the names for every year by visiting!

  5. I thought of a subject that I would love to hear your thoughts. Why do babies tend to get scared of "strangers" around 6 months? What can parents do about it to help their child? Also, how should parents respond to the "stranger" in that moment? My baby is only 3 months old, but recently got scared of her great aunt. I felt bad for my baby and my aunt!

  6. my two year old little boy spends everyother weekend with his father will this have a affect on his development

  7. Hi Ursula,
    While we aren't qualified to answer your question specifically, there are a few general things we can say. First, children who must split their time between parents need all the same things as children who do not. They need your love, routines, boundaries and a sense of security. They need to develop their own relationships with each parent and not be put "between" their parents in any sense. It will be important that your son knows what to expect and what is expected from him no matter who he is with. While you can't expect everything to be the same at each house, similar routines and activities can go a long way with helping your son feel less stress with the transitions. If you get worried at all about your son, you should talk to his doctor or get a referral to someone who is qualified to help you. There are many families in your position and fortunately, resources available to those with questions. Best wishes to you, your son, and your son's father. We hope this works out well for all of you.