Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Meet our newest contributor, Karolina

We are proud to introduce you to our newest contributor, Karolina! 

Karolina joined our center quite a while ago and, now that she's pregnant with her first child, we thought she'd be a wonderful addition to the Secrets of Baby Behavior team! Just like Jane, Jen B, and Jen G, Karolina is a Mom with a Master's! We've told you about ourselves in the past (click here), and now it's Karolina's turn:

I attended the University of Costa Rica, earning a Bachelor's degree in Clinical Nutrition back in 2005. Just after that I joined my husband in Folsom, CA since he had been relocated from our home country the previous year because of his job. After 18 months, we were relocated again, this time to Haifa, Israel and a year later to Tel Aviv. I spent almost 3 amazing years in Israel, learning a new language, traveling a lot and meeting new people. It was an amazing experience! After moving back to Folsom I attended the University of California, Davis, earning a Master's degree in Maternal and Child Nutrition in 2011. As a graduate student I worked at State WIC as part of the Nutrition Education, Marketing and Outreach (NEMO) Section and then completed my graduation project while working as part of the team at the Human Lactation Center. Now that I'm pregnant with our first baby I just realize how much I still have to learn about Baby Behavior and parenting! I'm sure it's an ongoing learning experience which never stops. We get to meet our baby, David, this summer and I am so thrilled to share this ride with you from the very beginning! 

So, watch for future posts from Karolina! She's going to post some great information about pregnancy and prenatal Baby Behavior. And once baby David arrives, I am sure he'll give us tons of inspiration for new and exciting topics! As always, let us know about any questions you'd like us to answer!


  1. This will be my favorite contributor! brava karito!!!! tu li

  2. Estos estudios longitudinales con el primo David nos aportara muchos conocimientos y seran de gran ayuda para el crecimiento y desarrollo de nuestros hijos. Sin duda su aporte al blog sera muy beneficioso para nosotros y muchas parejas mas en latinoamerica.
    un beso Hector y Natalia

    1. Gracias! Vamos a seguir investigando y trabajando para ustedes. En el mediano plazo empezaremos a publicar también en Español para expandir el alcance del blog! Estamos en contacto!

  3. Karolina, estoy tan orgullosa de ver como dia a dia te sigues superando y alcanzando tu meta. Felicidades por tu bebito y por ser la persona que eres.

    Los mejores deseos para tu nuevo camino: ser mamá. David va a hacer un niño muy afortunado de que seas su mamá. Maria