Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Question for our Readers: Crawling

In our last Babies’ Firsts post, several readers shared stories about when their babies rolled over for the first time. This time, we want to hear about crawling! While rolling over is typically (but not always) the first form of mobility, having a baby who can crawl is a whole new experience. So, think back (or if you have a hard time remembering, like I do, check the baby book or baby blog) and send us a comment telling us:

  1. What type of pre-crawling movement did your baby begin with (army crawl, rocking, scooting etc)
  2. Was there anything peculiar or funny about how your baby crawled?
  3. How long did it take before he or she realized she could get anywhere and everywhere?

We can’t wait to read your comments and we’ll share our stories and some information about how babies learn to crawl!


  1. DD1 - at 7 months she was able to push herself backwards on the hard wood. She started by chasing the binky on the floor. She didn't have any control over it, but you could tell what she was doing was totally intentional. She started the low army crawl at 8 months. She was chasing her shoe. It was 1 to 2 months of that and she figured out a full hands/knees crawl. On the hard wood, it was just easier to do the army crawl since she slid on the floor.

    DD2 - she figured out how to push herself backwards at about 6 months or so. Then at 7 1/2 months had mastered the low crawl. She's 10 months now and CAN crawl on hands/knees, but usually chooses not to. On carpet she'll go hands/knees, but on the hard wood it's faster for her to do the low crawl.

  2. My son started crawling at about 9 months and did the army crawl until 10 months. He really took off with his crawling last month, but this week he started walking. he turns one tomorrow.

  3. My daughter, who has just learned to crawl at about 9 months (in a week at least), started out with rocking forward onto her knees, which progressed into an army crawl with a bit of pushing forward with her foot. This lasted about a month and a half, and then two weeks ago she got the arm strength to do full-on hands and knees crawling. At first she was scared to go anywhere-- she'd only go a few feet for about a week-- and then she got brave. And now she is FAST and loves crawling all the time, even when she is in her crib and supposed to be sleeping!

  4. My smart little boy started moving forward at already 3 months (no joke!). Mostly when he was waking up. I always had to pull him back, so he wont fall (we practice co-sleeping). He usually pulled his butt up and used his legs to move. But took him 2 months later to realize, that he can pull himselve using his arms too. Now he has been crawling since 6 and a half months. He's very fast at it and already has the nick name speedy gonzales :) He's now 8 months and already stands up on furnitures and makes little steps. I think thats one of the benefits coming from co-sleeping as the babies see yourself rolling up, moving and standing up instead of spending half of their days in a small, limited crib.

  5. I have 3 daughters. My baby just started crawling yesterday - at 5 1/2 months.That's earlier than the other two girls. She started scooting herself backward (pushing with her arms) at 4 months, and a couple weeks later was good holding herself in hands & knees position. We'll see how long it takes for her to get all over the place. :) I notice the babies that hate being on their tummy aren't close to crawling at 6 months but are better at sitting than my baby.