Friday, October 15, 2010

Answers to Our Parents Quiz

1. Which of the following countries has the highest average age among moms having their first child? a. Denmark b. France c. Switzerland d. United States

C. Switzerland where the average is 29.4 years.

For the others - Denmark = 28.4 years, France = 27.8 years, US = 25.0 years (all of these averages come from 2006).

2. Who pays more per year for childcare, parents in the United States or parents in the United Kingdom?

United States (but not by much!)
Of course, costs vary based on location, time, and age of the baby, but average cost (in 2009) for full-time infant care in the UK is (converted) US$13,350 vs. US$14,591 in the US.

3. Which state in the US has the lowest number of births per year?

Vermont with 6513 births (2007 data). The highest is California with 566,352 births!

4. Kids clothes are expensive. How old are kids when parents spend the most money on their clothes? a. 6-8 years b. 9-11 years c. 12-14 years d. 15-17 years

c. 12-14 years (I was sure it was 15-17 years!)

5. In which of the following countries do parents tend to have the most children? a. Japan b. Australia c. Germany

b. Australia.
The average number of children per mom in Australia is 1.78. Japan has the most children per household.

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