Sunday, May 23, 2010

May Baby Quiz: Answers!

Since so many of you have babies who are older than 6 months, our May quiz included questions about older babies. Here are the answers.

1. On average, at what age do babies double their birth length?

Between 3 and 4 years of age. They triple their birth weight around 1 year of age (unless they were very large at birth).

2. When babies are very young, they see themselves in the mirror and think it is another baby. Typically, how old are babies when they realize they are looking at their own reflection?

Around 1 year of age. Sometimes babies will be a little younger when they realize that they are looking at themselves in a mirror.

3. What percentage of babies get attached to a "security object" or "lovey" such as a soft toy or a blanket?

About 60% of children get attached to a security object at some point. Usually attachment to objects (other than pacifiers) becomes noticeable around 12 months of age and is strongest between the ages of 2 and 3 years. By the time children are 5 1/2 years old, less than 10% still have a "lovey."

4. Can 12 month-old babies understand you when you ask them to do things, such as drink their milk or get their shoes?

Yes! They can understand simple instructions if they are listening. Listening can be a big challenge for babies who are so easily distracted by everything around them. Getting down to eye level with your baby might help him focus on your face and words.

5. How old are babies when they can tell that their parents are happy or unhappy?

Researchers tell us that babies can understand that their parents are happy or unhappy between 9 and 10 months of age.

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  1. Babies typically DOUBLE birth length by a year? This can't be right. Let's say average is 20 in, 40 in by 1 year? That would be 3.33 feet. 3 feet makes for a tall 2 year old doesn't it?

    (By the way THANKS for the older infant stuff!)

  2. Am surprised by the answer to question 5. Our son seems to respond to our moods and he's 4.5 months.

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  4. Amanda - oops, that is what we get for posting blog entries when we are traveling across the country and are suffering from jet-lag! The weight information given above is correct, but the length information is not.

    According to the both the CDC and WHO growth charts, a baby who is born at and continues to grow along the 50th percentile would be about 50% taller by age 1 (from approximately 50cm [20in] to 75cm [29.5in]). Using this same data, most babies would double their birth length between 3 and 4 years of age.

    Thank you so much for pointing out our mistake!

  5. Robertsmom - That answer surprised me a little too! Remember that even though the research can provide information that represents many babies, all babies are different! It is great that you and your baby seem so in tune with each other!