Monday, April 12, 2010

5000 Readers!

We're excited, and maybe a little overwhelmed, to see that our blog had 5000 readers this last month! We welcome all of our new readers and hope that you will take the time to ask us some questions. If you are new to the blog, we encourage you to read the first 4 posts from last June (2009) and then explore the keywords on the left to find other topics that interest you. There is still so much to share! Please let us know what topics you want us to cover next!

Next time: A New Baby Quiz!


  1. My sister's baby is nearly 2 months old and she's great most of the time but she cries and cries in the afternoons right before dinner time. My mom said we both did the same thing. Any ideas?

  2. Love your blog. Am expecting twins. Can you write something about twins?

  3. Can you explain what they mean by a nursing strike?