Thursday, September 17, 2009

Coming Soon: A New Series of Posts about Babies’ Developmental Stages!

The votes are in from our online poll; our readers want to learn more about babies’ developmental stages! Next week we will start a series of posts on infant development in the first year of life. During their first year, babies grow and develop at an amazing rate; many babies triple their birth weight by the time they are a year old!

In the next few posts, we’ll discuss the wonders of infant development, predominantly cognitive (brain) and motor (physical) development. We’ll also talk about how babies’ development relates to infant feeding. There are many developmental milestones in baby’s first year: sitting up, rolling over, standing and walking are just a few. Do keep in mind that while we talk about development for different age groups, every baby is different! Also, for this series, we will be focusing on the healthy, term baby. Premature babies’ development is based on their due date, not their birth date. For more information about development in premature babies, go to

Here is a sneak preview of what we will be talking about over the next several weeks:

Newborn: Reflexes rule as babies try to adjust to the new world around them.

2-4 weeks: Babies develop a distinct temperament.

6-8 weeks: Babies gain more control over their arms & legs.

4-5 months: As babies’ can see longer distances, they become very distracted by the exciting world around them.

6-7 months: New faces and goodbyes may be disturbing to your baby at this age; be patient and give her time to adapt.

8-10 months: Babies are learning to stand and may pull up on furniture; the view from the top is very exciting!

12 months: The independent toddler starts to walk; the drive to master this important motor skill will keep her busy day and night!

Next time: Newborn development: Reflexes rule as babies try to adjust to the new world around them

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